Hi there. the eClubStores. This is where you read a little about me, so here goes:

I’m a mom. I have three beautiful children that were born in water in my living room.

I’m a researcher. Questioning the status quo comes naturally to me, which is why I rely on evidence-based research to guide my decisions on food, natural remedies, birth, and making my own beauty and cleaning products.

Why do I write this blog? You may have noticed when I introduced myself that I’m not a doctor or certified nutritionist. There are no special letters behind my name. I’m just a mom that’s passionate about nourishing my family in every way possible.

I wasn’t always this way, though. My husband Daniel and I were junk food fiends when we got married. Part of every dinner came from a box or takeout, and we were fine with that. But years of eating MSG, genetically modified foods, and hormone “enhanced” meat took its toll. About two years after we said our vows – just when we were thinking about starting a family – I developed a debilitating autoimmune disorder.

Blood tests also revealed that years of low-fat dieting had lowered my cholesterol to nearly undetectable levels – lower than those long distance runners who don’t get periods. It’s embarrassing to admit now, but when I first heard the numbers I thought it was a good thing! Um, no. Cholesterol is necessary for producing the hormones that sustain a pregnancy, I was told. “Don’t get pregnant, you’re not strong enough to carry a baby to term” were her exact words. Fine, then. I went home and drank 8 oz of oil straight up. (Do not ever do this! You will puke for 10 hours.)

I wanted cholesterol. I wanted a baby. I wanted my horrible acne, acid reflux, anxiety and chronic exhaustion to just GO AWAY. I wanted all of those things and more, but what I NEEDED was real food.

So, with Nourishing Traditions in hand, I hacked away at my old food habits until every single one was gone. No one else I knew was eating this way and honestly I kind of felt like the unabomber while concocting ferments in my kitchen.

It was frustrating, but oh-so-worth-it. Through nutrition and laser therapy I recovered my health, got pregnant, carried my baby not only to term but to the very last day of the forty second week, nursed for two years, got pregnant AGAIN, continued to nurse through my pregnancy, had another baby at 41 weeks. I now have three year old and a one year old and have been continually nursing for 46 months straight. That’s a far cry from not being able to carry a baby to term!

Of course, that was just the beginning of the journey! The best part has been figuring out how to nourish my vibrantly healthy, energetic children and writing about it here. I’d love for you to share the journey with us!

Some of you curious types may be asking yourselves, What is a eClubStores? 

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